Ceramic Industry

PPG Industries: CeramiClear Clearcoat

January 13, 2003
The CeramiClear clearcoat from PPG Industries is the final original equipment manufacturer coating applied to a vehicle, and it protects the color coat while providing a durable, glossy appearance. CeramiClear clearcoat, the first automotive clearcoat to use nanoparticle technology, raises the standard for combined resistance to scratches, mars and acid etch. The patented nanoparticle technology creates a highly cross-linked network at the surface of the coating for superior resistance to damage caused by day-to-day use, car washes and environmental hazards such as acid rain and tree sap. "CeramiClear clearcoat is unmatched in scratch, mar and acid-etch resistance and retention of gloss throughout a vehicle's lifecycle," said Dennis Taljan, global director, decorative products for PPG. "We actually had to create new, tougher test procedures for CeramiClear clearcoat since no automotive coating had achieved this level of mar resistance before."

The company's website is located at http://www.ppg.com .