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PPG Launches MindMatters Digital Innovation Solution

August 7, 2001
MindMatters Technologies has completed initial implementation of the MindMatters InnovatorTM at PPG Industries. The Innovator, a Web-based enterprise solution for creating Digital Innovation NetworksTM, capitalizes on the latent intellectual capital that exists within corporations. PPG partnered with MindMatters Technologies to develop the Innovator in August 2000, and has been instrumental in helping to refine the proprietary, patent-pending technology from the outset. "In this economic climate, it's vital to leverage intellectual capital and commercialize promising ideas quickly," said Gerald W. Gruber, vice president of science and technology at PPG. "We've been working with MindMatters to build the most advanced innovation solution available today, and we're delighted to be the first to deploy the Innovator. PPG recognizes the potential of its employees -- all across the company -- to come up with breakthrough opportunities and ideas. This Web-based solution is the catalyst for encouraging innovation, improving the collaborative process, reducing product development time, and most important, generating growth opportunities and new sources of revenue."

For more information, visit http://www.ppg.com or http://www.us-mindmatters.com.