Ceramic Industry

Premier Mill: QMAX Brochure

September 25, 2002
An updated brochure from Premier Mill, a Lightnin company, covers detailed information on the QMAX series Supermill. This high-flow recirculation mill contains a new grinding configuration unlike those of other conventional disc or peg type media mills. Features include high energy Generation 2 AP discs developed specifically for the QMAX series, a large surface area discharge screen for product/media separation mounted on the end of the grinding chamber for easy access, increased cooling capability with optimized spiral cooling channels, and a high ratio of motor horsepower to mill volume for hard-to-grind-materials. The mill is designed for use with grinding media as small as 0.1 mm (100 microns). The new brochure includes system specifications, a process flow diagram, and information on the updated Navigator monitoring and process control system.

For additional information, call (610) 770-9500, fax (610) 779-9666, e-mail pmsales@lightnin.spx.com or visit http://www.premiermill.com.