Ceramic Industry

PRODUCT PROFILE: A Green Alternative

August 1, 2010
An innovative production methodology transforms ceramic into an eco-active, non-polluting and antibacterial material.

Italy-based GranitiFiandre has launched a new range of environmentally friendly products called Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic(tm). The company has adopted an innovative production methodology that makes it possible to create ceramic floor and wall tile that carries out a specific antibacterial action and reduces polluting factors.

Active is the latest form of ceramic that helps to purify the air that we breathe and offers cleaner, more hygienic, and, ultimately, healthier floors and coverings. Active transforms ceramic into an eco-active, non-polluting and antibacterial material.

"The use of this product to tile a building delivers a significant preventive action in terms of environmental sustainability," said Graziano Verdi, president and CEO of GranitiFiandre. "Thanks to the properties contained within it, Active is able to clear the air of harmful emissions, thus reducing the need for maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the building and eliminating the pollution caused by chemical cleaning products."

Power of the Sun

The process exploits the photocatalysis method, where a catalyst (in this case, titanium dioxide) is able to react whenever sunlight or artificial light shines on it. The air gets cleaned of polluting organic substances because oxidation makes the harmful organic substances harmless.

Certified through laboratory tests performed by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and the Bologna Ceramics Centre, this microtechnology-based methodology is completely different from the common and less-effective systems based on nanotechnology. The Active method retains the eco-active properties of titanium dioxide and excludes any risk to human health or the environment during the manufacturing process.

"This provides the opportunity for architects and interior designers to develop a new way to express their creativity with a material that is flexible in terms of its potential applications in a number of different sectors (for both floor and wall coverings, indoors as well as outdoors) and the improvements it can bring to the atmosphere," said Verdi. "Active is perfectly suitable to be used in hotels and in all those environments where hygiene is an essential requirement, such as health and wellness centers, restaurants, gyms, schools, laboratories, hospitals, etc."

Visit www.granitifiandre.com to learn more.