Ceramic Industry


May 1, 2008
The multiplier doubles the pump flow rate and the pump pressure to provide increased speed and power.

Sacmi recently launched the latest generation of hydraulic presses in its Imola series. The product line has been fully redesigned and features cutting-edge technology. The updates to the press’ formal look, which were developed along with renowned industrial designer Isao Hosoe, have been accompanied by major technical improvements. The strong points of this new generation of machines can be summed up as follows:
  • Accumulators provide the acceleration to ensure maximum productivity under all working conditions.
  • A status indicator provides clear information on the current working status of the machine.
  • An SPE ejector quickly and precisely allows filling in the larger-sized presses to be controlled with the same level of quality and repeatability as the small sizes.
  • A variable displacement pump control unit supplies the propulsion that allows high output rates without wasting any energy, thanks to the optimization of the hydraulic circuit.
  • A multiplier doubles the pump flow rate, which increases the cycle execution speed even with very thick sizes. The multiplier also doubles pump pressure, thus increasing pressing power for the production of very large tiles.
  • Proportional hydraulics allow for fully automatic control of the press, ensuring precision and repeatability even with high output rates.
  • The profibus ensures outstanding control system processing speeds, enabling the attainment of precision and repeatability even where productivity is very high.
The main cylinder is fixed on the main frame, and the pressing piston slides inside it. This configuration ensures optimal rigidity of the various structural parts and, therefore, uniform distribution of the pressing load under all working conditions. The hydraulic control unit is connected directly to the cylinder itself for maximum speed and precise control of all of the forming parameters. The new range is also equipped with the latest generation of control software, which provides automatic self-tuning to maximize productivity performance without affecting the quality of the final product.

For more information, visit www.sacmi.com.

SIDEBAR: Technical Data

Pressing force: 75,000 Kn
Standard die heating: 60 kW
Inter-column clearance: 2450 mm
Quantity of oil for hydraulic system: 1600 mm
Plunger stroke: 230 mm
Number of cycles: up to 15/min
Effective ejector stroke: 74 mm
Cooling water: (20°C) 105 l/min
Maximum SPE ejector force: 150 kN
Total press body weight: 175 ton
Installed power in motors (50 Hz): 212 kW

SIDEBAR: Multi-Size Upper Base

The new multi-size upper base (MUB) patented by Sacmi Molds & Dies is an advanced version of the SFS mold and offers enhanced performance in terms of both versatility and ease of management. A complement to the lower universal base, the MUB retains the classic two-part structure (hydraulic plate and ejector block) but offers innovative functionality.

The base supports both a range of sizes and a number of outfeed cavities thanks to the universal ejector block, which can function as an upper plate and allows the pressing mode to be changed. From upper forming, the die can quickly be transformed into a mirror or entering punch die. Considerable investment savings are available since the required number of bases becomes a function of the number of presses and no longer a function of the quantity and type of molds.

A further advantage lies in the rapidity with which the above changes can be completed. Both ejector block and hydraulic plate are equipped with a system of permanent magnets that allows rapid locking and replacement of the punches and the upper die box. The permanent magnet locking system reduces press setup times without losing any of the safety or reliability of traditional mechanical solutions.