Ceramic Industry

PTI Launches Online Newsletter

December 2, 2004
Powder Technology Inc. (PTI) now has a bi-monthly newsletter that discusses powder, bulk and test dust industry news, and PTI announcements. The first issue, which has been published on the PTI website, covers the way PTI has handled its very rapid growth to address the needs of an approximately $50 billion materials processing market. Materials that can be processed include abrasives, carbon, ceramics, chemicals and plastics/resins/coatings. PTI is broadening its spectrum of processing capabilities to serve clients from all of those industries. The PTI newsletter is written by company founder, Mike Spillane, who had to retire from the company in order to find the time. "Even though Mike has retired, he would like to slowly fade into the sunset writing about his passion of powder processing," said Jeff Friederichs, sales manager.

For additional information, call (952) 894-8737, fax (952) 894-0734, e-mail Jeff@powdertechnologyinc.com or visit http://www.powdertechnologyinc.com.