Ceramic Industry

Quantachrome: Density Analyzer

October 17, 2005
Quantachrome Instruments recently launched its redesigned Ultrapycnometer series of automatic gas pycnometers. New styling not only gives the Ultrapycnometer modern lab appeal, but also provides improved ergonomics, better accessibility to on-board sample cell storage, and easier servicability. Ultrapycnometers automatically measure the true density of porous solids, powders and rigid foams for sample volumes ranging from 135 cm(3) to less than 0.1 cm(3). Controlled temperature and remotely operated versions are also available. Gas pycnometers use the simple concept of inert gas expansion (Boyle's Law) to measure the true volume of solids. Samples remain clean and dry, avoiding the disposal problems associated with traditional solvent displacement methods.

For additional information, call (800) 989 2476. The company's website is located at www.quantachrome.com.