Ceramic Industry

Quantachrome: High-Temp Water Sorption Analyzer Model

April 4, 2005
Quantachrome Instruments recently announced the launch of its latest Hydrosorb model. The Hydrosorb-HT water sorption analyzer features an analysis temperature range of 12 to 85C. This capability makes the new model of particular interest to those working with PEM fuel cells, which typically operate in the range 65 to 80C. Both the HT and standard model (12 to 47C range) have been equipped with a new two-speed stirred thermostatted bath for even better temperature stability, and an indicating thermal sensor for improved operator feedback. The Hydrosorb series of water sorption analyzers brings a historically slow analysis (days, even weeks) up to speed (overnight, maybe just a few hours) through its combination of intelligent operating algorithms and accurate vapor pressure measurement. Its rugged design has done away with the need for microbalances, so the Hydrosorb is equally at home in industrial labs and academia.

For additional information, visit http://www.quantachrome.com/Hydrosorb.htm.