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Quantachrome Instruments Wins New Product Award

May 3, 2011

Quantachrome recently announced that it received a “One of the Best New Instruments of the Year 2010” award for its Autosorb-iQ-C at the Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI). The event was hosted by the China Instruments Manufacturers Association, the China Instrument Society Analytical Instrument Branch, and www.instrument.com.cn, and was co-organized by the China Association for Instrument Analysis.

The Autosorb-iQ-C combines manometric gas physisorption and static chemisorption capabilities in a single compact benchtop unit, and offers options including built-in flow chemisorption capabilities using TCD and/or mass spectrometer. The instrument reportedly represents the most comprehensive instrument for characterizing industrial catalysts in terms of both physical characteristics like surface area, micro- and mesopore size distribution, and chemical characteristics like metal area, metal dispersion, nanocluster size, acid sites, and temperature programmed reactions like reduction (TPR), oxidation (TPO), and desorption (TPD).

“Recognition by ACCSI of the Autosorb-iQ as ‘One of the Best New Products of 2010’ is a strong testimony to the skills of Quantachrome’s engineering and scientific staff and their dedication to producing world-class gas sorption analyzers that serve the characterization needs of those developing the newest generation of advanced porous materials,” said Scott Lowell, president and CEO. “The entire staff of Quantachrome Instruments is honored to be recognized by one of the leading organizations in the fastest growing analytical market in the world.”

For additional details, visit www.quantachrome.com.