Ceramic Industry

Quantachrome Offers Short Course On Porous Materials Characterization

June 24, 2004

Quantachrome Instruments will offer a Porous Materials Characterization Short Course July 20-21, 2004, in St. Louis, Mo. The Introductory Session on July 20 will focus on surface area, micropore characterization, modern calculation methods (DFT), catalyst characterization, chemisorption isotherms, pulse titration (metal area, dispersion), temperature programmed analyses (TPR, TPO, TPD) and density measurement. The Focus Session on July 21 will cover mercury intrusion porosimetry, low surface area measurement (Kr adsorption), pharmaceutical applications, particle shape and particle sizing techniques. Both sessions will also include information on sample preparation, method selection, data interpretation, sources of error and avoiding common pitfalls.

For more information, e-mail shortcourse@quantachrome.com or visit http://www.quantachrome.com/ShortCourse_StLouis_2004.htm