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Quest Technologies, Inc.: Indoor Air Quality Monitors

June 11, 2002
Quest Technologies, Inc. recently released two new indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors, the AQ5000Pro and the AQ5001Pro. The AQ5000Pro is a compact, handheld IAQ monitor for surveys and long-term data logging of IAQ indicators. The unit simultaneously monitors and records carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, dew point, toxic gas levels and linear outputs from third party sensors/analyzers. The AQ5001Pro monitors the same parameters as the AQ5000Pro, but is packaged for continuous unattended monitoring. Its lockable custom enclosure system can be checked as baggage or shipped as is, with all sampling accessories stored inside.

For more information, a free demonstration or a catalog, call (800) 245-0779, fax (262) 567-4047 or visit http://www.quest-technologies.com.