Ceramic Industry

Radio Frequency Co., Inc.: Macrowave<sup>TM</sup> RF Drying System

July 11, 2001
An RF dryer for processing ceramic catalytic converter substrates has been introduced by Radio Frequency Co., Inc. The Macrowave RF drying system uniformly removes moisture; eliminates surface cracking; and saves drying time, energy and floor space requirements. The system operates at 40 MHz, which removes moisture more uniformly than dryers at 27 or 13 MHz and microwave frequencies. Eliminating the surface cracking caused by stresses of uneven shrinkage in conventional drying, RF systems selectively dry only the wet areas. Because it features instantaneous heating throughout the ceramic substrate, the new system needs less dwell time than a conventional dryer. Operating at up to 60% lower voltage than 27 or 13 MHz dryers, this 40 MHz dryer processes materials at very low moisture levels without the arcing problems associated with lower frequency dryers.

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