Ceramic Industry

RAK Ceramics to Focus on U.S. Market (posted 8/31/09)

August 31, 2009
Despite the economic downturn and its effect on both residential and commercial construction figures, RAK has enjoyed steady growth.

RAK Ceramics Corp. (USA), the U.S. arm of the UAE-based manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tile products, has announced an increased focus on the U.S. Despite the well-documented downturn in the economy and its effect on both residential and commercial construction figures, RAK Ceramics has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. Year-over-year sales grew 29% in 2008, and the company posted a 22% increase in first quarter 2009 profits.

Utilizing sophisticated machinery from world leaders in advanced ceramic technology, including Sacmi and Barbieri & Tarrozzi, RAK Ceramics currently produces over 3.5 million square feet (325,000 square meters) per day of porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tile from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. RAK Ceramics exports product to 135 countries across five continents and has geared up to penetrate the U.S. from just outside Chicago, Ill.

“The strength of RAK Ceramics has always been the speed of its reactions to meet market demand,” said Leslie Raffel, president of RAK Ceramics Corp. (USA). “We have invested heavily and often in technology to produce high-quality products in a profitable manner. This type of innovation allows us to export our products and help our distributors increase margins. We have 10 of the most modern ceramic manufacturing facilities in the world, managed by qualified experts that continue to research and develop beautiful products. These capabilities instill confidence in our business partners around the globe, knowing that RAK Ceramics manufactures superior materials with consistent quality and virtually unlimited quantity. The United States is still the most lucrative consumer market in the world, and we plan on being major players in the very near future.”

For more information, call (847) 244.1298, fax (847) 244.1259, e-mail tile@rak-america.com or visit www.RAKceram.com.