Ceramic Industry

Refractory Depot: New Website

October 22, 2004
Refractory Depot, Inc. recently launched a new website to provide e-commerce options for procuring refractories. The site, operated by several investors aligned with the refractory market, is a coalition of various suppliers and manufacturers providing single or multiple products within set product categories. RefractoryDepot.com acts as a conduit through which a strong platform of assembled sellers may make special selective and/or continuous offerings of their products to the market. The site makes a modest commission off of sales that are generated through its portal. Because the resources and its associated costs are shared, the site allows for high-volume pricing at low quantities, allowing users of many basic refractory needs at the small- to mid-level annual consumption rate to take advantage of the same kind of steep discounting that high-volume buyers would receive.

For additional details, visit the new site at http://www.refractorydepot.com.