Ceramic Industry

Research Microwave Systems: Lab Scale Microwave Sintering System

April 11, 2003
Research Microwave Systems, LLC has introduced the ThermWAVE, a new laboratory scale microwave sintering system capable of achieving temperatures of 1500C in 30 minutes. The ThermWAVE offers ultra-fast heating, lower energy consumption, flexibility, cost savings and compact installation for industrial processes and research laboratories. The unit's numerous applications include rapid sintering of ceramics, production of dental prosthetics, melting small volumes of precious and non-precious metals and glass, and fast proof of design concept and material development. The ThermWAVE system features wide control of temperature range and extremely fast thermal response, and it can provide cost-effective small part manufacture for many processes.

For more information, call (607) 587-9050 or e-mail info@thermwave.com .