Ceramic Industry

Retsch, Inc.: PM 400 Planetary Ball Mill

February 6, 2002
The PM 400 planetary ball mill from Retsch, Inc. is used for four specialty applications.

The PM 400 planetary ball mill from Retsch, Inc., with its powerful drive, is used for four specialty applications: grinding material to sub-micron fineness, simultaneous processing of up to eight samples without contaminating the sample, industrial environment conditions, and mechanical alloying. The superimposed motion of the grinding jars relative to the central wheel achieves high grinding efficiency. The generated energies by the impact and friction of the grinding media (beads) permit not only the classic mixing and grinding operations, but also other process engineering conditions for colloidal grinding that are prerequisite to material transformation, such as mechanical alloying. The sturdy floor model with its maintenance-free drive ensures controlled speed even in continuous operation over several work shifts. Grinding sets are available in four sizes and six different materials.

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