Ceramic Industry

Retsch, Inc.: Water Jet Sieve

March 12, 2002
Without vibration, the Water Jet Sieve WS 1 from Retsch, Inc. provides an exact fractionation of suspensions and slurries in the range of 20 microns to 2 mm. Over each test sieve, a spray flush ring is arranged that rotates over the mesh and evenly sprays its entire surface with 34 nozzles. In this way, the particles are quickly separated and typical sieving times are only 60-90 seconds. A control unit allows the reproducible setting of working pressure and time. Its features make the Water Jet Sieve superior and much more reliable than wet sieving on conventional sieve shakers, where the water fed only to the top sieve is insufficient to separate the particles from each other, especially with the fine mesh. Typical applications of the WS 1 include quick sieve cuts after wet grinding processes and wet sieving of all substances that are insoluble in water.

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