Ceramic Industry

Rheodyne, L.P.: Electronic Manual Valves

April 1, 2002
Rheodyne, L.P. recently announced the introduction of a complete family of 12 electronic manual valves. The new valves, trade named Matrx(TM), represent the new millenium of fluid handling solutions for the laboratory. New liquid ends available on the Matrx platform include a semi-automatic sample injector for convenient loading and injection of JPLC samples, as well as a complete family of nano-dispersion valves that feature internal volumes as low as 20 nl and exceptional dispersion characteristics. Matrx addresses a wide range of nano and analytical applications, including LC/MS column switching, column regeneration, column selection, and on-line sample preparation. The new valves can be operated manually, by push buttons mounted on the front of the valve's injection molded case, or remotely, by a controlling instrument. The case design allows valves to be mounted on top of one another or side by side, with a unique Snap n' Stack system to preserve bench space.

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