Ceramic Industry

RHI Increases China Production Capacity

October 29, 2010

RHI AG has increased its production capacity in China by more than 20% to 270,000 tons. In September, a third tunnel kiln was successfully commissioned at the Dalian plant.

“With this capacity extension, we are strengthening our position in the cement, glass, nonferrous metals and steel segments,” said Manfred Hödl, COO, Industrial Division. “We are cutting delivery times and increasing flexibility in production.”

RHI produces fired basic brick, basic mixes and isostatically pressed products, as well as magnesia carbon brick and prefab components at its Dalian and Bayuquan plants. Both plants are supplied with raw materials from RHI’s Aoding site. Apart from the 156-meter-long tunnel kiln, the new plant in Dalian comprises crushers, mixers, two presses, packaging plants and warehouses. Following a test phase this month, the first products will be delivered in November.

For additional details, visit www.rhi-ag.com.