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RHI Receives Float Glass Furnace Contract (posted 2/11/09)

February 11, 2009
The refractory materials for two new float glass furnaces will be supplied and installed between February and September 2009.

RHI was recently awarded an order of approximately €12 million (~ $16 million), comprising refractory material supply for the construction of two new float glass furnaces. The customer is Ianua S.p.A., an Italian engineering firm that operates worldwide in the glass industry. RHI will supply almost the entire refractory requirement for these two projects, which will take place concurrently and start at the beginning of 2009. The refractory materials will be supplied and installed between February and September 2009.

The first project is a greenfield plant for Sphinx Glass, Egypt, a fully owned subsidiary of Egypt's Mena Glass. The second project is for Emirates Float Glass (United Arab Emirates), a subsidiary of Glass LLC, wholly owned by Dubai Investments PJSC. This contract is for the construction and supervision of a second float glass manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. Both furnaces will have a production capacity of 600 metric tons per day for the automobile and mirror industries.

The total RHI scope of supply consists of approximately 7000 metric tons, of which 1000 metric tons are AZS and alpha-beta-alumina fused cast blocks, to be produced at the RHI Monofrax Falconer, N.Y., plant. 5000 metric tons of magnesia and magnesia-zircon products are for the regenerator chambers and checkers (chimney blocks) and will be manufactured at the Dalian plant in China. The remaining 1000 metric tons, including magnesia and high-alumina refractories, will be produced in Europe at the Niederdollendorf (Germany) and Trieben (Austria) plants.

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