Ceramic Industry

Rigaku: Spectrometer

April 4, 2005
Rigaku/MSC, Inc. recently introduced its ZSX Primus II, the newest member of the company's ZSX family of spectrometers. Featuring the latest technology available, the new unit is a 4 kW WDXRF spectrometer with a thin end window tube (30 micron). With the analytical capability for Be4-U92, the ZSX Primus II also occupies a smaller footprint than other spectrometers, without sacrificing performance. The tube-above unit integrates a newly designed sample handling system; flexible changeover between helium and vacuum environments; versatile, modular software; and the thinnest end-window tube in the industry.

For additional information, call (281) 363-1033. The company's website is located at http://www.RigakuMSC.com.