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Rio Tinto and GE Combine Strategic Initiatives (posted 9/22/08)

September 22, 2008
Rio Tinto and General Electric are working together to develop energy-efficient solutions to support the future of mining.

Rio Tinto and General Electric recently announced that they are working together on two key strategic technology projects, Rio Tinto’s Mine of the Future™ and GE’s Ecomagination, to develop the most energy-efficient and ecologically friendly solutions to support the future of mining. Combining GE’s expertise in environmental technologies with Rio Tinto’s mining knowledge creates a world-class platform to help forge the solutions required for the future of mining, and, in doing so, should deliver significant value to all stakeholders.

GE and Rio Tinto’s technology teams will work together to identify areas where the development and introduction of GE’s products and services will address the challenges of the future of mining. Rio Tinto’s chief executive Tom Albanese launched his vision for the “mine of the future” earlier this year, revealing plans for driverless trains to carry iron ore on most of the 1300 kilometers of track in Western Australia, a driverless “intelligent” truck fleet for Rio Tinto’s mines there, and a Remote Operations Centre for the Pilbara mine operations 1300 kilometers away at a new centre in Perth. The new initiative builds on this to accelerate the development of a comprehensive package of future technologies for mining.

“Rio Tinto and General Electric share the same values with respect to energy conservation and care for the environment,” said Albanese. “GE is a world leader in environmental technologies and our largest provider of surface systems for mining. They are at the forefront of innovative technology, illustrated by their leadership in hybrid technologies for locomotives and off-highway trucks, and are perfect partners for Rio Tinto as we lead the charge to develop the next generation of mining technologies, creating a more efficient and sustainable mining industry.”

According to John Rice, president and CEO of GE’s Technology Infrastructure businesses, “I am delighted that GE is working closely with Rio Tinto to help solve the mining sector challenges of providing the world with resources, which are in great demand, and at the same time using technology that not only improves efficiencies but also reduces the impact on the environment.”

For more information, visit www.riotinto.com or www.ge.com.