Ceramic Industry

RMS Relocates To Albany Region

March 7, 2005
Research Microwave Systems, LLC (RMS) has moved to a new location at the Rensselaer Technology Park in Troy, N.Y., near Albany. This move allows RMS to better serve customers of microwave heating products in the U.S. and overseas. RMS is a producer of low-cost, portable microwave heating units, and advanced materials accessories for commercial and laboratory applications. RMS products can be used for numerous applications, including the rapid firing of ceramics, melting small volumes of metals and glass, curing, binder burnout, forming, and joining. Microwave heating offers a quicker, cleaner method of firing. The company's ThermDWave, a low-cost laboratory system that is compact and easy to install, has been used extensively in Ceralink's Microwave Testing Center.

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