Ceramic Industry

Rubis Precis: Precision Components

November 20, 2001
Rubis Precis/Micropierre recently developed a wide range of new components in high-tech materials for laboratory applications. Products include zirconia pistons for HPLC (dosing and laboratory pumps); vitreous carbon electrodes for pacemakers; ruby knives for surgical use; sapphire bearings and pivots for spirometers and viscosimeters; ceramic precision components for mass spectrometers, sapphire, clear spinel, fuzed quartz or YAG windows for encoscopes, refractometers and gas analyzers; ceramic parts for calorimeters; and stainless steel and titanium precision components for analysis and scientific apparatus.

For more information, fax (33) 3 8168 6834, e-mail rubis@rubis-precis.com or visit http://www.rubis-precis.com.