Ceramic Industry

Rubis Precis: Precision Parts in Industrial Synthetic Sapphire

May 25, 2004
Rubis Precis has the ability to supply many components in synthetic sapphire according to customers' designs. Sapphire offers a unique combination of properties that make it the preferred material for many high-tech applications. These properties include high hardness (1800 Vickers); resistance to acids and alkalis; stability at high temperatures (2000C); good electrical insulation; and optical transmission in visible, ultraviolet and infrared (from 0.2-5 microns). It is also a biocompatible material. Rubis Precis has the ability to produce sapphire components in all forms, from prototypes up to runs of 100,000 and more. For more information, e-mail rubis@rubis-precis.com or visit http://www.rubis-precis.com.