Ceramic Industry

Russell Finex: New Brochure

October 6, 2004
A new six-page, four-color brochure from Russell Finex details the solutions offered by the company's range of equipment. Russell Finex manufactures and supplies sieves, separators, filters and vibrasonic mesh deblinding systems to improve product quality and ensure that powders and liquids are free from contamination. The brochure lists options and models for each of the company's ranges of equipment, including the Compact(R), Vibrasonic(R), Finex Separator(R), Finex, Eco Filter (R) and Rotary lines. Descriptions, photos and typical applications are also detailed.

For additional information, call (704) 588-9808, fax (704) 588-0738, e-mail sales@russellfinexinc.com or visit http://www.russellfinex.com.