Ceramic Industry

Russell Finex Obtains ATEX Approval On Sieving And Filtration Equipment

January 19, 2004
ATEX certification is now available for all of Russell Finex Ltd.'s current sieving and filtration equipment, making it safe to use in potentially explosive gaseous or dusty environments. The new ATEX directive, which has been in force since July 2003, affects all industries, including food; metal powders; powder and liquid coatings; pharmaceuticals; chemicals; and any other industry involving powders, dusts, liquids and vapors. The ATEX directive's primary function is to eliminate the possibility of explosions. It applies to electrical and mechanical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Russell has had approval for over two years for its Vibrasonic(R) equipment, which ultrasonically deblinds meshes to improve sieving capacities and allows screening on finer meshes. The Russell Vibrasonic probe is certified for group II, category 1, gases and dusts, and explosion protection is to EEx d m IIC T4.

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