Ceramic Industry

Rutgers Names Two New Professors for Nanotechnology

March 4, 2003
The study of nanotechnology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, will be expanded with the addition of two assistant professors in the department of ceramic and materials engineering. Manish Chhowalla of Cambridge University and Adrian Mann of the University of Manchester, both in the U.K., will join Rutgers' growing multidepartment commitment to research and education in nanotechnology. The appointments are part of a five-year Rutgers plan to develop a cutting-edge undergraduate curriculum in nanotechnology, funded by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education through a Workforce Excellence grant. Chhowalla, whose focus is thin films and fabricating new types of nanomaterials for electronic, mechanical and optical applications, is an expert on carbon nanotubes, a basic building block of nanotechnology. Mann's main interest is applying nanotechnology to biological systems and medical problems. He is an expert in materials analysis at the atomic and molecular levels using nanoprobe technology such as atomic force microscopes.

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