Ceramic Industry

Sacmi and GranitiFiandre Establish Partnership for Tile Production (posted 2/18/09)

February 18, 2009

The year 2009 will see the initial results of a new industrial partnership that has been established between Sacmi and GranitiFiandre to respond to the fast-changing needs of the ceramic market. The partnership forms the basis of a new order for a complete production line for very large tiles, which will be delivered by Sacmi to GranitiFiandre in early 2009 and started up in the spring.

At the heart of the system lies a Continua line, which will allow the producer to make large porcelain tiles of any size or thickness with a customized interior mass. A key element of this plant will be the high-tonnage PH 7500 press, reportedly the most powerful of its kind in the world.

GranitiFiandre, which is the first Italian firm to install this type of press, played an active role in designing the plant by providing valuable support and personalizing plant functions according to the specific characteristics of the products the company aims to make. At the top of the range will be the 1500 x 750 mm tile, which GranitiFiandre aims to develop in order to meet the needs of an ever-more-demanding and continuously evolving market.

For more information, visit www.sacmi.com or www.granitifiandre.com.