Ceramic Industry

Sacmi Creates Whiteware Division

March 14, 2001
The Sacmi Group has undergone a period of reorganization and an important series of acquisitions, which has led to the founding of Sacmi Whiteware, a division supplying machines, complete plants and technology to manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware and tableware items. The Sacmi Group is now present on the market as Gaiotto (glazing plants), NIV Verona (casting plants), Sama (ceramic tableware) and Sacmi Forni (kilns and driers). These companies offer clients a comprehensive range of machines for each of the five key stages in sanitaryware and tableware manufacturing: preparation of raw materials, casting, drying, glazing and firing. The strength of this new division lies in its having, thanks to the potential of its component companies, a comprehensive production range. Sacmi Whiteware is, in fact, the first group capable of supplying sanitaryware and tableware manufacturers with a complete line of technologies and production plants that offer all the advantages of turn-key solutions without losing any of that flexibility and competitiveness characteristic of the smaller company.

"It was with enormous satisfaction that I accepted the task of heading this division," said Eugenio Ferragina, managing director of Sacmi Whiteware. "I see an excellent opportunity for completing that strategic diversification which will allow the group to achieve, within 4 years, total sales of up to 75 million Euros. I sincerely believe that we can achieve this goal because both tableware and sanitaryware plants are on the verge of important technological changes in the production process."