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Sacmi Forms New Tile Glazing and Decorating Company (posted 10/15/09)

October 15, 2009
The Sacmi Group recently announced the establishment of In.Te.Sa., a new company that will focus on the supply of glazing lines.

The Sacmi Group recently announced the establishment of In.Te.Sa., which will focus on the supply of glazing lines with particular emphasis on the application stages and aesthetic enhancement of the tile. The company’s “founding partners” are Sacmi and Ingegneria Ceramica. The former will serve as the main market reference point for the supply of complete ceramic production plants, while the latter will specialize in the supply of glaze and decoration application systems and the provision of close customer support with regard to technological aspects.

In keeping with new market needs, In.Te.Sa. can propose a comprehensive range of products, from the glazing line itself to the relative glazing and decoration accessories, tintometric systems, and color control systems specifically designed for digital decoration (Protolab). The same systems for digital decoration, a recent addition to the Sacmi product range, will be made available to customers as part of integrated “turnkey” products. These products are capable of renewing the entire decoration and glazing line by making the most of the advantages of individual technological solutions and the benefits of the overall personalized design that begins with analysis of the needs of the individual production plant.

One of the new company’s key features is its close collaboration with Sacmi’s main research lab, the aim being to enhance R&D in regard to the technological evolution of glazing systems. In.Te.Sa will offer the market both new plants and solutions applicable to existing ones. The company will also have its own technical-commercial department, which will work independently and, where necessary, in close collaboration with Sacmi’s far-reaching sales network.

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