Ceramic Industry

Sacmi Imola Receives Acimac Quality Mark Certification

October 3, 2005
Sacmi Imola has received the Acimac Quality Mark for its Series 2000 and Power presses. Promoted by the Italian Association of Ceramic Machine and Equipment Manufacturers, this mark certifies the quality and reliability of machines and technologies. Sacmi Imola's Series 2000 and Power presses have passed strict controls carried out by TÜV Italia, the international certifying body chosen by Acimac to ensure that the mark is awarded professionally and accurately in compliance with Ceramic Machinery - Product Standard A/QM-01 ST 02. An application has also been made for certification of the molds made by SACMI MOLDS & DIES. "The quality mark ensures greater transparency in the evaluation of supplies and the company's product technical documentation," said Pietro Rivola, deputy manager of Sacmi Ceramics & Tiles. "The functional and production technical parameters and the services provided by suppliers are all tested according to homogeneous standards."

Sacmi's website is located at www.sacmi.com.