Ceramic Industry

Sacmi Makes Offer to Acquire Nuova Fima (posted 9/17/09)

September 17, 2009
To prevent the closure of Nuova Fima, Sacmi has showed a clear interest in renting (with the obligation to subsequently purchase) a branch of the company.

Last April, the Dutch parent company of Nuova Fima, Fiorano Modenese, Italy, decided to discontinue operations. To prevent the company’s closure, Sacmi showed a clear interest in renting (with the obligation to subsequently purchase) a branch of the company to ensure continued output and save 60 of Nuova Fima’s 125 employees.

The proposed acquisition offers opportunities for important industrial synergies for Sacmi, while the takeover means not just the preclusion of a company collapse for Nuova Fima, but the chance to become part of a major group that is a leading supplier to the international ceramic industry. Nuova Fima produces automatic sorting lines for the ceramic industry, as well as vision systems, robotized palletizers, packaging machines and laser-guided vehicles.

“It’s the best possible result,” said Claudio Pistoni, mayor of Fiorano Modenese. According to Duccio Campagnoli, Emilia-Romagna’s industrial development officer with whom the relative trade union agreements were signed on September 11, “It is the outcome of the Sacmi Group’s outstanding willingness to breathe life into a new industrial venture by making the very best of some of the most advanced technology offered by Nuova Fima.”

Nuova Fima will present an agreement offer that must be accepted by creditors in order to prevent bankruptcy. According to Sacmi, the agreement offer is the result of the determination with which trade unions, the company, and local and regional institutions have dealt with the entire matter, thus restoring prospects for a part of the ceramic industry that risked “going under” and seriously damaging the local economy.

Sacmi’s website is located at www.sacmi.com.