Ceramic Industry

Sacmi: Mold Resins

April 28, 2004

The Sacmi Group offers a comprehensive research and development service for the experimentation and composition of new mold resins. "The sanitaryware industry is currently going through something of a transition period, with traditional low-pressure plaster mold casting steadily being replaced by high-pressure resin mold plants," said Vasco Mazzanti, technology and customer service manager of the company's Whiteware division. "It's a radical change, and one which offers huge advantages in terms of competitiveness." Sacmi has been working to develop and perfect porous sanitaryware mold resins for many years. The company's Loprem(R) product is ideal for this transition period, as it allows manufacturers to make resin molds at low pressure.

Sacmi's website is located at http://www.sacmi.com.