Ceramic Industry

Sacmi: Rotary Super-Cooler

November 4, 2004
Sacmi's first RRA 350, a rotary super-cooler for spray-dried powder, was recently installed and started up. The RRA 350, reportedly the biggest cooler ever built, can cool up to 35,000 kilograms of spray-dried powder per hour by more than 20C. The super-cooler consists of a rotating cylinder installed along the line of belts downstream from the spray drier. The central body houses a series of specially shaped and positioned paddles that lift and feed the spray-dried powder. Ambient air is drawn in to cool the material, which prevents vapor condensation on both the conveyor belts and inside the storage silos and allows producers to spend much less time cleaning the conveyors and silos.

Sacmi's website is located at http://www.sacmi.com.