Ceramic Industry

Sacmi to Inaugurate New Niv Verona Headquarters

August 1, 2001
Nine hundred square meters of office space, 5600 sq.m occupied by the factory floor with another 5600 under construction and other facilities covering a further 240 sq.m -- this is the layout of Niv's new headquarters in Mozzecane, Verona, Italy. The company has enlarged its working space in response to the overall expansion of the sanitaryware and tableware sector within the Sacmi Group following the creation of the new Whiteware division. Niv is one of the five companies in the division, four of which are based in Italy (Niv, Gaiotto, Sacmi Imola, Sacmi Forni) and one in Germany (Sama). The spotlight has been turned on Niv recently because of the inauguration of its new headquarters, which will take place in mid-July. The event in Verona will include a visit to the new buildings and a convention on "Trends in the Sanitaryware Sector" at which the most renowned engineers and architects in the field will participate.

A report on the meeting, being held at the same time as the Niv inauguration, will be made available at http://www.sacmi.it.