Ceramic Industry

Sacmi Whiteware: Resin Mold Treatments

November 20, 2001
Sanitaryware high-pressure casting molds, whether micro- or macroporous, have a working life of some tens of thousands of castings. Two factors determine the extent of that working life -- mechanical stress and clogging of the porous cavities. Until now, there has been no definitive solution for cavity clogging. To resolve this problem and thus make molds last longer, Sacmi Whiteware has patented Everes, a regeneration technique that goes beyond simple cleaning and fully restores original mold performance. Additionally, Loprem is an exclusive production line treatment. Plaster molds used in low-pressure casting have two drawbacks -- long reset times (just 1-2 castings per day) and a limited working life (only about 100 castings). Resin molds could be used to resolve these problems, but only at higher costs and with greater casting pressures. Loprem provides a solution for those aiming at both medium-high complex piece output and cost containment. An innovative technology that allows resin molds to be used with capillary-effect low pressure, Loprem molds provide all the advantages of resin while eliminating its disadvantages.

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