Ceramic Industry

Saint-Gobain Celebrates Patents

June 2, 2011

Saint-Gobain has been granted 117 patents over the past two years in North America, more than half of which were awarded to the company’s Innovative Materials sector. These R&D achievements were celebrated at the company’s North American Inventors’ Recognition Dinner, where senior executives gathered to recognize the award of patents to over 80 Saint-Gobain researchers from the company’s Innovative Materials sector. The event underscored the company’s global commitment to research and development, and was also a testament to the critical role that R&D plays within the company.

“In 2011, Saint-Gobain is investing €400 million (~ $565 million) in R&D to support 3500 researchers working in 12 major research centers worldwide, including Northboro, where our scientists and engineers are developing technologies that will have a significant impact on a wide range of industries,” said Gilles Colas, president and CEO.

The patents granted in North America have applications in the areas of defense, oil exploration, renewable energy, medical imaging and others.

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