Ceramic Industry

Saint-Gobain Ceramics: Additions To Refractory Line

March 7, 2005
Saint-Gobain Ceramics has launched a new line of refractory cements, including FIREFRAX (R) and CARBOFRAX(R) pumpable refractory. These products complement the company's line of alumina and silicon carbide bonded shapes and cements for the energy systems market. The pumpable refractory products are designed to be installed 3-10 times faster than ordinary monolithic refractories, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. "The announcement of our new FIREFRAX and CARBOFRAX refractories has met with an overwhelmingly positive response," said Patrick Stephan, market manager. "These products give our customers excellent quality alternatives at lower costs." The new refractories are pneumatically applied with additives that enhance setting time, allowing installation on floors, walls and overhead surfaces. The fast application time requires less labor and allows plants and furnaces to be back in operation more quickly, reducing the downtime costs normally associated with traditional methods of refractory replacement.

For additional information, call (508) 795-2668 or visit http://www.refractories.saint-gobain.com.