Ceramic Industry

Saint-Gobain: CERBEC(R) Ceramic Balls

January 19, 2004
Wind energy companies are beginning to realize the advantages of high-performance ceramic hybrid bearings (steel races with ceramic balls), particularly in converting the 30 rpm motion of the wind blades into 2000 rpm of the rotor shaft to generate electricity. Bearings using Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramic's CERBEC(R) ceramic balls are beneficial because they eliminate electrical arcing, last longer than steel bearings in harsh conditions -- such as particles of debris and temperature extremes -- and maintain their lubricity. A long life bearing is attractive because of the high cost of bearing replacement in windmills, which can be as high as $10,000 when cranes and crews are needed.

Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics will exhibit its line of CERBEC ceramic balls for wind turbine generator applications in booth 407 at WINDPOWER 2004, to be held March 28-31, 2004, in Chicago, Ill. For more information, call (800) 799-1457 or visit http://www.cerbec.com .