Ceramic Industry

Saint-Gobain Facility Wins International Environmental Award

May 25, 2010

The new Saint-Gobain R&D center in Northboro, Mass., has been given the company’s prestigious “Care:4” environmental award. The facility opened last year and is one of only two buildings worldwide to receive the rating.

The goal of Saint-Gobain’s global Care:4 program is aggressive: to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions of company-owned buildings by a factor of four by 2040. Care:4 covers new office buildings, training centers, showrooms and existing Saint-Gobain buildings that undergo major renovations. The new Northboro building attained the Care:4 rating based on its state-of-the-art design, which adheres to Saint-Gobain's rigorous international energy-efficiency standards, as well as its use of the company’s energy-saving products, including CertainTeed insulation, CertainTeed “cool” solar reflective roofing, and Saint-Gobain low-emissivity glazing.

“The new building is an outstanding example of the company's commitment to energy conservation, environment protection and sustainable development,” said Gilles Colas, general delegate for Saint-Gobain North America. “We’re pleased that the Saint-Gobain Care:4 certification has been awarded to this facility, which is truly a building of the future. I know it wasn't easy for the team to meet Care:4's demanding design and performance requirements-but they did it. My congratulations and thanks go to everyone involved in this project, in which we can take pride.”

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