Ceramic Industry

SAMA Installs New Tape Casting Machine

August 1, 2001
SAMA Maschinenbau GmbH recently installed its FGA 500 advanced tape casting machine in the Institute IWV 1 of the Research Centre in J┬┐lich, Germany. The concept of the tape caster was made for the specific requirements of the user. Some of the unit's innovative features include: casting position supported by highly precise machined stone plate, air conditioning of the casting station, motorized adjustment of the doctor blade, laser measuring device for tape thickness, and a 3-partite drying tunnel. In this process, the slip is cast onto a precisely machined stone plate, on which the carrier tape is moved smoothly and without jerks. The slurry is spread homogeneously by the electric adjustable doctor blade, and the thickness is exactly controlled by the laser measuring device. Subsequently, the wet ceramic tape passes a 3-partite drying channel with individual adjustment of air flow and temperature. After the exit of the drying channel, the ceramic tape is forwarded to the remaining working steps, while the carrier tape is automatically rewound. All relevant process parameters are adjusted and regulated by an up-to-date central control unit.

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