Ceramic Industry

Schott: Broadband Erbium-Doped Fiber

March 19, 2002
Schott recently announced a new broadband erbium-doped fiber, based on its newly developed compact oxide glass, which will provide up to 50% more bandwidth. With this new amplifier medium, Schott has expanded its successful product range of erbium-doped phosphate glasses for planar waveguide amplifiers. The fiber requires significantly less space, enabling more compact designs for amplifiers and telecom equipment. The new amplifier glass material enables shorter fiber lengths, reduced from 15 m to as short as 15 cm for a C-band design. These newly achieved benchmark lengths enable components to consume less space, translating to a significant reduction of the overall system design and assembly costs. Additionally, the new material achieves a wider gain spectrum in the C- and L- bands. In the C-band, for example, the Schott fiber utilizes a gain spectrum up to 50% wider than conventional silica gain media. For an L-band amplifier, efficient amplification can be achieved between 1560 and 1610 nm. In both cases, the gain spectrum is optimized for maximum gain flatness, which requires less filtering and translates into cost savings due to less pumping power needed.

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