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SCHOTT Solar and SolarEdge to Partner on Power Harvesting (posted 6/2/09)

June 2, 2009
It is expected that the outcome of the joint efforts will maximize power generation while reducing complexities and costs

SCHOTT Solar and SolarEdge recently announced a joint design partnership agreement to develop and test a novel photovoltaic (PV) panel-integrated power harvesting system embedded directly into SCHOTT Solar’s modules. It is expected that the outcome of the joint efforts will maximize power generation throughout the solar lifecycle while reducing complexities and costs.

While the solar industry has taken enormous strides to speed cell efficiency and other innovations, some widely adopted array designs and system architectures inherently create room for improvement. New architecture and standard design activate considerable power per solar field, as well as monitoring. Poor roof utilization, fire and maintenance safety issues, and ineffective panel theft prevention measures can be avoided.

“SolarEdge is an innovative company offering an original multi-disciplinary system solution that we at SCHOTT Solar are extremely impressed with,” said Jürgen Fortenbacher, head of Strategy & Business Development. “We believe that the outcome of our partnership will significantly enhance power output.”

“We are extremely honored to work with a leading industry player such as SCHOTT Solar,” said Guy Sella, chairman, CEO and founder of SolarEdge. “By combining both our technologies, we will be able to make PV technology more efficient while at the same time reducing costs.”

SCHOTT Solar is embedding SolarEdge’s active electronics directly into its panels in order to achieve optimal power yield while reducing installation and maintenance challenges and costs. The two partner companies are currently testing the combined technologies.

Visit www.solaredge.com or www.us.schott.com/solar for additional information.