Ceramic Industry

SCI Receives Grant for Solar Products from OTFPVP

January 8, 2010
SCI will work to commercialize advanced technology for high-power-density rotatable ceramic sputtering targets.

SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. recently announced that it has been awarded $775,400 by the Ohio Department of Development's Ohio Third Frontier Photovoltaic Program (OTFPVP) to commercialize advanced technology for high-power-density rotatable ceramic sputtering targets, which are used in the manufacture of thin film photovoltaic solar cells. The award is subject to State of Ohio Controlling Board approval.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Ohio's Third Frontier Photovoltaic Program to help commercialize the high-power-density ceramic sputtering target attachment technology that SCI has proposed for thin film photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing applications,” said Scott Campbell, Ph.D., vice president of Technology. “This technology will enable manufacturers to operate rotatable sputtering targets at higher power densities than current technology. Specific benefits include increased process throughput, leading to lower photovoltaic solar cell modular costs in the future.”

According to Dan Rooney, chairman, president and CEO, “During the past three years, we have substantially increased our penetration in the solar market through the development and introduction of new products, expanded international sales and marketing activities, and increased participation in government programs to develop greater manufacturing efficiencies for solar manufacturers. The OTFPVP award, the third one received from the State of Ohio, is another sign of the progress we are achieving in solar and also reflects the value they recognize in our innovative technologies. These initiatives help to accelerate our growth in this strategic market.”

For additional information, visit www.sciengineeredmaterials.com or www.OhioThirdFrontier.com.