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Sculptural Matters

July 23, 2008
“Anchors and Glass” by Brett Hunter

“The work focuses on the ideas, issues or experiences that set individuals apart from one another,” says Hunter.

Two interesting items relating to sculpture passed across my desk recently, and I’d love to share them with you. One was a press release regarding Brett Hunter, associate professor of Sculpture at Alfred University, and his work “Anchors and Glass,” which has been added to the SUNY, Fredonia “In Sight/On Site” program.

According to SUNY Fredonia’s website, the program is “supported by the Department of Visual Art and New Media, the student art group ARTFORUM, and the SUNY Fredonia Office of the President and Friends of Rockefeller Arts Center. It is designed to give the campus and the community the opportunity to see the latest in contemporary sculpture and foster an appreciation of art in public places. Under the ‘In Sight/On Site’ program, SUNY Fredonia accepts outdoor sculpture for an ongoing, revolving installation on campus. ‘Anchors and Gears’ will remain on the SUNY Fredonia campus for two years.”

About ‘Anchors and Glass,’ Hunter says, “The work focuses on the ideas, issues or experiences that set individuals apart from one another.” I sure wish I had plans to be in the area so I could check it out. If anyone has seen the piece, please let us know your thoughts.

The second item I received was a letter from Tom Farris, an artist who is interested in using glass/glass pieces in his otherwise metal sculptures. He’s seeking advice, contacts, suppliers-basically everything and anything. If you have information that Tom, and the rest of us, might find useful, please include the information in the comments field below. If you’d prefer to contact Tom directly and keep everyone else in the dark, his e-mail address is thomaslfarris@comcast.net.