Ceramic Industry

Seki Technotron USA: Enhanced CVD System

February 26, 2003
Seki Technotron USA recently announced the installation and successful commissioning of a new microwave plasma enhanced CVD system for materials research at Purdue University. The system is intended for developing carbon nanotubes and diamond films for basic research as well as commercial prototyping. On the first day of operation, both carbon nanotubes and diamond were deposited. Catalysts for carbon nanotubes deposition were applied by an innovative spin coating process without the normal requirement of a vacuum coating process. "We are excited to have results on the first day of operation that demonstrate carbon nanotubes have grown in useful new ways," said Roy Gat, Ph.D., director of plasma products. "With this system, we have the ability to run a thermal CVD process and, at the touch of a button, introduce microwave plasma for additional process control."

For more information, visit http://www.seocal.com .