Ceramic Industry

SensAble Technologies: Virtual Clay Modeling System

May 9, 2005
SensAble Technologies, Inc. recently announced that version 1.0 of the ClayTools(TM) system for Robert McNeel & Associates' Rhino(TM) software is available. The system enables designers to use their sense of touch to rapidly create organic shapes and add sculptural details, handcrafted modifications, complex blends, and embossed textures to existing Rhino NURBS models. Unlike traditional modeling tools, the ClayTools system uses a virtual clay metaphor that removes the constraints of technical modeling and offers unparalleled speed and creative expression. The system includes the PHANTOM(R) Omni(TM) device -- a true 3D interface with force feedback. Users work faster than ever before because they use their sense of touch to model virtual clay just like real clay.

For more information, visit http://www.sensable.com.