Ceramic Industry

Seramiksan Installs Second Tile Line With Sacmi Technology

September 15, 2004
Seramiksan of Turkey, eager to expand on national and international markets, has invested in Sacmi technology to start up a second Sacmi double-fire wall tile line. Capable of producing 9000 square meters of tiles per day, the new plant features two PH2890 presses, an EMS2350 drier and a twin-channel 81.9-meter RKK250 kiln. The Seramiksan factory is also being equipped with a new single fire floor tile production line consisting of six PH2890 presses, four EVA992 vertical driers and two 109-meter RKK2400 kilns. Total output capacity will be 28,800 m(2) per day. Sacmi-supplied technology will allow Seramiksan to achieve an annual output of 20 million square meters and become one of the top five producers in Turkey.

Sacmi's website is located at http://www.sacmi.com