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Serious Materials Acquires Kensington Windows (posted 1/23/09)

January 23, 2009
Serious Materials plans to reopen the Kensington plant, installing new equipment to make super-insulating windows and commercial glass.

Serious Materials recently announced that it has acquired assets of the former Kensington Windows, which produced vinyl replacement windows and doors with more than 150 employees before the company was forced to shut down all operations in October. Serious Materials plans to reopen the plant within the next 30 days, installing new equipment to make super-insulating windows and commercial glass, and immediately creating new green collar jobs.

This acquisition, along with additional expansions already in process for Serious Materials in Colorado and California, are driving a 10-fold increase in manufacturing capacity for the company’s Serious Windows™ and Serious Glass™ product lines. The majority of this new capacity is expected to come on-line in the first quarter of 2009.

“We are committed to getting this plant re-started and back in operation as quickly as possible,” said Kevin Surace, chief executive officer of Serious Materials. “We want to get people back to work. While building material companies that make commodities are having a hard time in this downturn, we continue to expand operations and hire more people for our unique energy-saving products.”

“During these very difficult economic times, it is a testament to the cooperative efforts of all parties involved that this facility will reopen and again provide quality, family-sustaining jobs in southwestern Pennsylvania,” said Pennsylvania State Senator Don White. “I appreciate Serious Materials’ investment in our community and PNC Banks’ willingness to coordinate the effort to bring this facility back to life.”

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